Add Historical Data and Augment it with Current Data?
Author: MrIzzy
Creation Date: 4/9/2013 1:24 PM
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Hi There,

I am looking at a particular data set. It is of a rather new ETN. From a source, I was able to get older historical data that predates the data that is publicly available.
If there a way to load the historical data into WealthLab and augment it with the current data to create one long data series?

Please let me know how.

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Hi Izzy,

If you can get the older historical data displayed in Wealth-Lab (e.g. ASCII, Metastock or any other supported format), then you can "glue" both data files together using a DIY procedure outlined in my reply #2 here:

Append data to BBFree?
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Hi Eugene,

Thank you - that worked out very well.

Thanks again,Izzy
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