How to detect a "No Data Available" Symbol in imported DataSet
Author: innertrader
Creation Date: 6/25/2021 1:49 AM
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I just imported the symbols for Russell 1000 and am attempting to run the Rotation Strategy. I get a

"Runtime error RSI Rotation Execute() Invalid Buy and Hold Symbol BFB"

It looks like BFB (and other symbols) may have been delisted or changed. Unfortunately, after I delete if from DataSet. I have to start backtest all over again regardless of how deep I've gotten into the list.

I read the post on a similar error when using External Symbols but I am not using symbols outside the DataSet. Nevertheless, I did try the Try-Catch @Cone method shared in this post but I just can't detect the error before a runtime error is issued.

I would like the program to continue and keep a list (like Debug list) of symbols so I only have to run program once to catch and then delete all the bad symbols. I have not been able to figure out code to catch the error and continue the program.

Alternatively, if there is another way to validate the symbols before they are entered into the DataSet, that would be a good solution as well.
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BFB and BRKB are class B shares. The symbology for shares depends on the provider, for example:
Fidelity: BRB
Yahoo!: BR-B
Wealth-Data, IQFeed: BR.B

Symbol Validation:
When you create a new DataSet, perform a DataSet update. Then in the Data Manager > DataSets tab,
1. click on the DataSet and then
2. click the Symbol Details button at the top
3. sort by clicking the Bars column header

The symbols with 0 Bars will rise to the top. Edit the symbol list, removing those and click the "Apply symbol changes..." button.

I would like the program to continue and keep a list (like Debug list) of symbols

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@Cone Symbol Details solution was what I was hoping for. Thanks.

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