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Temporary Support Ticket Procedure

We're in the process of configuring the Ticket Center, our apologies for the inconvenience.

Feel free to ask any question in our general Forum by clicking on a category and then starting a "New Topic". Often times questions have been discussed before and answers can be found quickly by entering a few key words in the "Search Forum..." text box.

Existing Open/Closed Ticket data will be migrated to the new ticket center and will be available as soon as possible. If you require attention for an ticket previously opened, please follow the instruction below.

Reminder: For general questions, our Forum is the optimal choice.

If you require personal or private assistance (key requests, one-on-one troubleshooting, etc.) please send an e-mail to info@wealth-lab.com with the following information:

  • Your Wealth-Lab Username
  • Strategy or sample code used. Again, we ask that you provide an "as-small-as-possible" script that demonstrates the anomaly. If you're using a un-modified public Strategy, the name is sufficient.
  • Wealth-Lab tool in use (Data Manager, Strategy Window, etc.)
  • Single symbol or Multi-symbol mode, Position Sizing, and Data Loading settings
  • Options (F12), especially from the Trading Costs/Control group
  • Symbol(s) and Data provider
  • Describe the problem in detail. To clarify explanations, send a screen shot by striking the "Print Screen" key and then pasting into Paint or other imaging application. Save as PNG and attach.
  • Finally, indicate which steps have been taken to alleviate the problem.
  • Choose a thoughtful forum topic title.

In order to continue to provide the level of service expected by Wealth-Lab.com support, general questions may be forwarded to our public forums.

Thank you for your support!

The Wealth-Lab Team

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