Wealth-Lab Version 7 has launched!

The all-new Wealth-Lab 7 built launched on 9 March 2021 and sales of previous versions are suspended indefinitely.

Wealth-Lab 7 is an all-new modern platform built for Windows 10 with continuous development for enhancements, features, and extensions.  Here are just a few of the hard-hitting new features:

  • Connections for multiple brokerages for automated trading, and free streaming and historical data - including cryptocurrency trading and data with Kraken!
  • Simultaneous connections for multiple streaming providers
  • Fast optimizations using multiple CPU cores
  • Overhauled backtesting engine which processes bar-by-bar so you can interact with the equity curve and other simulation aspects dynamically
  • Extremely versatile and configurable Strategy Building Blocks - programming not required!
  • Unique new tools like the Candlestick Genetic Evolver and Indicator Profiler

Wealth-Lab Version 7 has a new basic subscription model at $299/year, or a premium subscription at $399/year that includes all extensions - nearly 2 dozen, including a new never-seen-before Wealth-Lab extension: the Candlestick Genetic Evolver!

What are you waiting for? Wealth-Lab 7 is here!

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