by MS123 (Aleksey)

IQFeed provides extensive information on many tradable instruments (including stocks, options, futures and SSFs, funds, bonds, indices, currencies and more) from several dozen listed markets.

Supported timeframes: Tick, Second, Minute (1,3,5,10,15,30,60), Daily

Click this link to get a free trial of IQFeed
(limited, see here)

Requirements: installed IQFeed client. Download it here:
Download IQFeed Client

To filter data outside market hours, there are two options:
1. Download all data (after hours included by default) and use the Market Manager (Tools menu).
2. Or, starting with v 2020.08.13, check the regular session option. If you use this option, you can disable the Market Manager in IQFeed

Click here to see usage information in Wealth-Lab Wiki's IQFeed article.

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Publisher: MS123
Category: Provider
Version: 2021.1.7.0
Licence: Freeware
Availability: Pro and Developer
# of Downloads: 101
Forum posts: 22
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