Confused on forum and versions of Wealth-Lab
Author: lmseldin
Creation Date: 9/6/2022 12:50 PM
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I used to be a Wealthlab user. Seems like this forum is for version 6.9 and there is another forum for version 8.

Also, this forum has so many strategies. This is what I am used to.

I did download version 8 and it looks so much more limited in # of strategies, etc. So are the forums split by version. Also, seems that version 8 does not support version 6.9 strategies.

Also, should I be downloading version 6.9 to get more strategies available. Also, is version 6.9 cheaper in price?

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At the risk of repeating, there is no version 6.9 for new subscibers (like you): (explains your user status) (suggests ways to get more sample strategies)

WL8 is the only product available. Please re-read my posts carefully.
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Sorry for the questions. I would suggest to change/update the Wealthlab link on the top left corner of this forum.

However, I am disappointed about lack of backward comparability.

The older forum have so much content and history for strategies, that no longer work in Wealthlab 8.

The confusion for me, is that there is more than one Web site. I loved the older site with all its history, that really hurts that there is a new site without backward compatibility.

Thank you,

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