Error with on-demand updates for IQFeed
Author: superticker
Creation Date: 10/11/2023 2:29 PM
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Beginning today, I'm having problems getting On-Demand updates for IQFeed under WL6 for simple Chart data (and everything else). I'm running version of the IQFeed client and have been doing so for a couple months without problems.

On-Demand updates appear to be working fine for WL8 on my workstation.

UPDATE: I'm getting other IQFeed errors:
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It seems to be affected by certain stocks (CDNS CEG EVC HESM), but that might just be because the IQFeed client hasn't cached these yet.
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So what about this WL6 problem with On-Demand data from IQFeed? The Chart window simply says "No Data Available". This is primary a problem with 1-minute data, but it affects other sub-Daily scales as well. Try getting data for CEG CRK MRO.

Sometimes if I switch to a different sub-Daily scale, the Chart window will find the data--but it's old data from a month ago. And this rarely works for 1-minute data.

Static Daily data seems to work fine.
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