Reading two DataSeries / symbols
Author: RuneHS
Creation Date: 4/28/2024 1:28 PM
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I have used WL for many years and I am very happy with it!

That's also why I am embarrassed to ask...

Say that I use data series in the CSV format, neatly put in a folder and correctly read by WL and all is ok on a on-by-one basis.

Then I want to load one of the files into DataSeries1, and then another datafile into DataSeries2.

DataSeries1 could be like the S&P index giving some general market over- or underbought signal, and DataSeries2 could be some actual stock that are bought and sold.

So I need to have both DataSeries in the program code (I program using the MS C# directly, not the drag-and.-drop thing).

I am fine with hard-coding the names of the files / symbols.

Is this doable?

Bw. from Oslo, Norway
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You're making me think back a long way to WL6 (we're on WL8 now!), but the easiest way to do this is to create an ASCII DataSource for your ASCII files. Then you can load an external symbol's data like this and use its DataSeries.

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Works perfectly, many thanks!

Just out of interest, how come this is a long-time-way-back thing, ref. you thinking of WL6? Is perhaps data organized differently in WL8 or multiple dataseries/-sources more easily handled now or something?
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WL8 is built from the ground up. Everything is organized pretty differently, data management in particular.
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