Trading results are not available from backtests
Author: tomphm
Creation Date: 5/23/2021 6:13 PM
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Recently when I using Visual Studio to do some debugging, an intraday strategy somehow got mixed up with a daily strategy and keep get assigned to daily data sets. Re-install WLD6.9 does not help. I end up to re-create a new VS project for the intraday strategy and this works some of the time.

However, now all the strategies within WLD, when run do not show any trading results. It seems that a parameter setting file within WLD is being corrupted. Thanks.
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Uninstall WLD 6.9, delete "c:\Program Files\MS123\Wealth-Lab Developer 6" to get rid of your DLLs, reinstall from scratch.
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Thank you Eugene. That's working.
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