About Us

At Wealth Lab our mission is to make you a better trader. We have several notable assets to help us to accomplish that mission:

  • Arguably the most powerful technical analysis software & trading platform available
  • Well-established online community of trading strategy developers
  • The support of our number one sponsor - Fidelity Investment
  • A truly talented administration team

But wait, there's one more that needs special mentioning, that has just come on the scene, and that promises to be the glue that holds us all together; of course, I'm referring to our new web service called WealthSignals. In the past, Wealth Lab had been a bit cliquish, catering to diehard programmers intent on producing well-performing trading strategy code. Now, WealthSignals has the ability to bridge the gap between programmers and non-programming traders that just want something that works. No doubt, you're going to want to check out How It Works!

For those of you here on our About Us page looking for just the facts, here you go:

Our Address:

Quantacula, LLC
6211 Sawyer Loop Rd Unit 201
Sarasota, FL 34238 USA

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You'll see, at the bottom of every page of our website, links to our YouTube channel, LinkedIn, and Google Plus and Facebook Fan pages. So pick your poison when you're ready.

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