Authors Publish Trading Systems That Are:
Based on Strategy Scripts
End of Day
Signals generate only once per day
Daily Updates
Author communicates daily

How it works

We built WealthSignals to create a market place in which traders can publish trading system alerts, which we call WealthSignals, which allows subscribers to find turn-key trading solutions that meet their criteria without having spent the time and effort required to design and develop their own system.

It takes two types of individuals to make WealthSignals work

  • Trading system authors
  • Subscribers to trading systems

For a WealthSignals subscriber, trading a system while still maintaining control of each trade can hardly be easier. First, log in to, and search through the Trading Systems offered in the Find-a-System page.

After you find a system that meets your specifications, subscribe to it. Nearly all systems will include a free, no-obligation trial period.

Once subscribed, in just minutes each day, you'll be able to access, review, and place orders using your WealthSignals systems' EOD signals.

Then, find something else to do!

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