Your SOLUTION for Designing, Backtesting and Trading Your Stock and Futures Strategies
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Technical and fundamental analysis for non-programers

  1. Drag & drop indicators onto your charts
  2. Build trading systems with our Strategy Wizard
  3. Combine strategies for Multi-system back testing
  4. PLUS access hundreds of pre-made strategy script

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Advanced Tools for Developers

  1. Powerful C# scripting with WealthScript
  2. Develop in any .NET language
  3. Edit and debug with time saving-features (logos VS ide, quickRef, intelliSense)

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Sophisticated Analysis Tools

  1. Use dynamic Position Sizing
  2. Visualize performance metrics your way!
  3. Test your system on complete portfolio of instruments

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Extensibility through Addins

  1. Wide range of addins for registered customers
  2. Dozens of historical, real-time, fundamental and news data providers
  3. Extend every aspect of Wealth-Lab with custom tools

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