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Author: MustPlayOptions
Creation Date: 3/3/2020 2:10 AM
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Can we please have a live trading forum where we can discuss issues we run into?
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I don't believe there's real need in such forum category. "Wealth-Lab Developer/Pro" and "General" already fit any live trading issues you may run into. It would make the decision more complex than it should be which is the opposite of what we've been trying to accomplish (e.g. by removing the "Wealth-Lab 101" category before). The less choice the better.
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What may be required is a new "Data" category which would encompass every data-related question including Wealth-Data. There are even more questions which are data-centric. What stops me from considering it is the argument in my post above: it would make the choice between "Extensions" and "Data" more complex.
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new "Data" category
If you create such a category, please include all three words somewhere in its description: Data Feed Provider.

What I would call a "data feed" this forum calls a "provider". It took me 2.5 years on the forum to realize that a provider meant a data feed with a connector/binding interface to Wealth-Lab. But this distinction is not intuitively obvious. Including all three words above in the description will help clarify this forum definition.
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I am new to Wealth Lab... I was playing around with strategies, backtesting, orders and I think I messed something up.

I am afraid my strategy is connected to my brokerage account and will go live on Monday when the market opens.

How do I stop that or cancel that?
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Orders tool > Cancel All
AutoTrading: Off
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Thanks for the quick response, Eugene!

Isn't there always a danger that auto-trading will get your real account down to zero if your strategy is bad... So, is there a way I can say only put a limited amount, say $1,000 to work and leave the rest of my brokerage money alone?
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nikpart2, consider these options:

1. Preferences (F12) > Trading > Default account
If you don't assign a strategy to trade in a specific account (see the Set Account feature in the Strategy Exporer), the Default account will be used, and this can be a Paper account.
Side note: When you first open the Accounts or Orders tool, the Default account will be the one first displayed.

2. Preferences (F12) > Trading > Trading Thresholds
If you're Auto-trading and you have thresholds enabled, trading will cease when your account cash or buying power depletes to the specified level.

3. Trade sizing
Limit your risk by using small sizing (even just 1 share) while you become familiar with live auto-trading. (Broker commissions are essentially zero now, so that cost is no long a factor.)

4. Finally, I would never recommend that you leave auto-trading unsupervised. Imho, auto-trading is used to reduce your trading work load and get orders in the market with the minimal delay, however, Wealth-Lab can become unsynchronized with a live account - especially for limit order strategies. See User Guide > Orders chapter.
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