Adaptive length (period) for an indicator like RSI ?
Author: Carova
Creation Date: 10/15/2017 1:54 AM
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Does anyone have any thoughts about how to approach using an adaptive length for something like an RSI? Thanks!

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Vince, there are different approaches to establishing a variable lookback period for indicators.

One of them is my rendition called "Adaptive RSI 2.0" which is powered by my Adaptive Lookback indicator. The idea is to come up with a parameterless (almost), market-driven indicator that sets the period based on the frequency of swings as a measure of market dynamics.

ActiveTrader 2009-07 | Adaptive RSI 2.0
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Hi Eugene!

Thanks for the reply. I did see your Adaptive RSI script. In it you selected the equivalent value from the standard RSI
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Since the RSI value for any bar relies on the value for the previous bar I was looking for a slight different approach. I guess that the easiest way will be to roll my own RSI.

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