Automatic chart pattern identification
Author: theplanck
Creation Date: 8/29/2020 7:14 AM
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Newb here.

Is there a way to configure WLD to automatically show patterns on a chart (like a wedge, diamond, etc)? I should have asked before purchasing because I had been told by someone (IRL) that WLP/WLD does?

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Hi Bob,

Wealth-Lab has a way to screen for patterns and to backtest them. You can find more in the WealthScript Programming Guide > Techniques > Creating a Screener. That's a tool, and now the core logic behind it is a WealthScript Strategy for pattern recognition. To date, many such strategies have been created. You'll find lots of pointers to existing code and downloadable Strategies in these and other topics:

Classic Trading Patterns
Screening "Cup and Handle" patterns
Pattern recognition: W Bottoms, M Tops
Pattern recognition: double bottoms
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