Bull filter by index
Author: Sebastian75
Creation Date: 4/29/2022 4:25 PM
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He there,
I make my first steps with Wealth Lab.
I would like to run a strategy which must have a "bull filter". This is when the SPX is above the EMA of 50 days. Then (and only then) the system should buy stocks as defined with the building blocks.
My only problem is, that i am not able to tell Wealth Lab, that FIRST the SPX has to been above the EMA 50 of the SPX and then buy SPX-stocks.
Is there any help.
I do pardon for my bad English!
Thanks in advance,
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This is the legacy product forum (Wealth-Lab 6). You are a demo user of Wealth-Lab 8. Please use the new Discussions for everything WL8:


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Thank you Eugene,
I found this forum via google and thought that this was the right one.
Would you like to delete my question here?
Have a nice weekend!
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No problem. We responded to your post on the new forum:


Thanks Sebastian and a nice weekend to you too!
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