Forum Search gives no results
Author: Ben_Zurich
Creation Date: 2/25/2013 11:28 AM
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My previous post apparently has disappeared. That's why I repeat it here.

I wanted search the forum for the usage of

Please log in to see this code.

but the search function does not give any results (for any entered term, by the way, at least on my PC, using Internet Explorer)

I believe this function is part of the extension Performance Visualizers but I have not found a reference how to use it.

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Currently, only search by forum topic title is supported. As a temporary workaround it's advised that you search for SystemPerformance.Results.EquityCurve in Google, appending to your search query.

This is the General forum. Please discuss the website usage under the Website forum.
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Don't mean to belittle the work on the site but the prior search functionality was significantly more useful. Will try the google method mentioned above.

Search by user was great
as were code searches etc.

I know you don't want to hear this...

Thank you.

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Thanks for your feedback.

Search by user is not yet implemented but is in the plans. In fact, I think there should be no "search by user" - having to type in or copy/paste someone's username to search his posts was nothing short of awkward. What should be instead is a direct link to all forum posts by the user in his user profile -- like on the wl4 site or on every discussion board in the world.

Content search was very slow. We do miss it too, and asked our webmaster to bring it back in some form. I'd prefer a "Search inside posts" checkbox near the "Search forum...", for example.
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Do you have news regarding the update of the search engine on your website ? I would like to find some previous post but unfortunately, it is not possible. There is no result and I know this is not right (for example, I'm looking for some reply that you gave me in the past).
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Bookmarks are coming soon. Hope this helps tracking your previous conversations. Our webmaster is still working on it.

We do not plan to integrate author/content search into existing search-as-you-type system because it will slow it down by orders of magnitude.

Content search is planned as a future enhancement (not short-term) but since it will most likely be using Google services, you can already do it as I suggested in post #2 above. It's the same thing.
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