How to set up Interactive Brokers on WL6
Author: alaoudi1
Creation Date: 2/15/2021 8:17 AM
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"Live automated trading is not supported in Wealth-Lab Developer Version 6"

There seems to be no option to log in into brokerage live accounts from WL6.
How to configure IB broker account on WL 6 ?
Is there any solution to this issue, such as customizing ? So WL7 will not support this feature either ?
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Hi Mohamed Alaoudi,

Out of the box, WL 6.9 does not support live order placement. This is a restriction incurred by Fidelity. However, its Broker API allows to develop broker providers such as the turnkey solution for getting data from Interactive Brokers and automated order placement via IB created by a 3rd party. Unfortunately, looks like that it's no longer available as their website is down. :/

So WL7 will not support this feature either ?

WL7 supports trading through a number of brokers. When it's released soon, Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade, Alpaca and a cryptocurrency exchange will be available as paid extensions for live trading with and getting the data from. They're already being tested in the WL7 open beta program.
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Waiting for WL 7. Excellent, LETS GO!!!!

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Is Interactive Brokers working with WL7?
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