Installed and now have Error CS1061 - CheckExtendedTrendline (Not Working)
Author: nventress23
Creation Date: 3/12/2021 7:36 PM
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Hello Support Team,
I know a lot of changes are happening with the WL7 rollout and many reinstalls of WLD6.9.....

This is where my technical issue came from......
Everything works properly in 6.9.23.... and then updated to

After the update to WLD version I've seems to have lost some important features with the same code that just worked 5 min.... prior to the update.

Issue seem to be the CheckExtendedTrendline is not found after the update?

I scaled down the code down to just the AutoTrendLines. that are no longer working correctly after the update.

Support getting back the missing autotrend lines would be greatly appreciated.

Please let me know how to fix it, as WLD changed (not the strategy code). I really liked the auto trendlines on the charting platform and would like to get them back on the chart .

Thank you,

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I believe Community Components is missing. Uninstall Community Components, then reinstall it from scratch. ("Update Extension" will not work anymore).
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Thanks Eugene,

I had to manually uninstall Community Components from file folder, as WL would error saying no access to the file??

Not sure what the deal was with not being able to access / uninstall via WL..
Regardless - I Uninstalled CommunityComponets and reinstalled Community.Componets_2020.10.wle and now its working again!

(Problem Solved)

Thanks Eugene!
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I had to manually uninstall Community Components from file folder, as WL would error saying no access to the file??

Yes, that's the reason why we couldn't release 6.9.24 many months ago. We haven't been able to overcome this issue which manifests when the Extension Manager is updated to .NET Framework 4.8 and/or with WLD 6.9 build 24 (also .NET4.8 based). Apparently the framework had a breaking change preventing us from overwriting files in protected folders like Program Files. We spent a lot of time on workarounds but nothing worked out. From now on the Extension Manager can only install, not update extensions due to the inability to overwrite files under these conditions. Nonetheless, as there are no Extension updates to expect in 6.9 going forward it's totally okay to deliver 6.9.24.

Glad I could be of assistance!
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We just now republished 6.9.24 again (2021-03-13) to ensure it includes the most recent version of Community.Components.

Download 6.9.24 again now and install it again if you're having trouble.
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