Permission by TDA broker provider for WL7
Author: alaoudi1
Creation Date: 2/24/2021 9:53 AM
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When accessing live brokers via WL7 extensions, it prompts a required permission
"(TD Ameritrade) Authorization
WealthLab7 would like to access your (Broker Account) account(s).
WealthLab7 will be able to:
•Place trades
•Display your balances, positions, and order status
•Move money "

I want my account to be encrypted, such that no entity / individual has access to its data. Fidelity had an encryption file, so you should have it too, or at least do it based on a special case request. We need to see the code for the encryption file and should be always on the application file. We are looking forward to read it.

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The TDA broker provider for WL7 saves your sensitive data to a file called TDSettings.txt in encrypted form.
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