Scale goes Back to Daily on Restart
Author: pestocat2
Creation Date: 2/25/2021 11:44 PM
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I use 60 minute bars, but when I restart the Scale goes to Daily. Normally when I use 60 minute bars it stays that way on restart. Is there something not set correctly.
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When you have a problem, please explain it clearly, with as many facts as you can think of, and possibly attach a screenshot to illustrate what you're seeing.

Describe what is happening, precisely, and then describe the part that is not working. Is this a repeatable event? Which steps have been taken to alleviate the problem? How can we reproduce it?

The more details the better the chances to track the problem down and help you.

P.S. How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
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I had to reconfigure my desktop and in the process needed to add new DataSets. I have fixed the problem. When I looked in Data Manager, I noticed that one of my Data Set's Scale was set to "Daily". I deleted that set and created a new one and made sure the Scale was set "60 Minute."
Thank you
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