Variant of On Balance Volume
Author: rbryant
Creation Date: 3/30/2021 9:50 PM
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I know it is possible to write one's custom indicators, but after reading the relevant pdf I realise I don't have the programming skill. What I would like to do is the following - if there is an easy way please let me know!:)

Indicator 1: On balance volume, but using the average of H, L, C rather than just C as the filter for whether to add or deduct from OBV.

Indicator 2: OBV using typical price (as per above, the average of H, L, C) but multiplying by the typical price to get total dollar valye, i.e.:

If (H+L+C)/3 ("typical price") is greater than yesterday, then add typical price*Volume.
If typical price is less than yesterday, then substract typical price*Volume.

Any tips welcome please:)

Thanks and regards
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We're not adding more indicators to 6.9, but it's pretty easy to create custom indicators from right inside Version 7. You've got a 3-month free trial waiting for you - log in at!
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OK thanks Cone:)
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