Levy Relative Strength Index (RSL)
Author: BeLu1971
Creation Date: 12/6/2020 7:17 PM
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Hello traders,

I'm new to the Wealth Lab community and have a few questions about the software.

I miss or can't find the Levy Relative Strength Index (RSL).

One of my less complex trend following strategies is very simple and currently works very well with the market situation on the Nasdaq. Short and simple:

1st ranking according to RSL (28)
2. Buy the x first stocks in the List by ATR portfolio weighting
3. Rotation after x months
4. Risky stop / loss up to approx. xx% according to ATR

That is only possible in crazy markets like 2020...

I would be very grateful to you for a few possible solutions, such as how I can test something like this in the Wealth Lab!

Best regards
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Hi Bernd,

Sounds like you're using a Rotation strategy. There are some preinstalled and downloadable ones you can try to modify according to the Wiki FAQ:

FAQ | Strategies and WealthScript > Rotation strategies > "I need other rotation rule other than the built-in RSI."

Given that this Relative Strength Levy seems to be a simple Close / Moving Average, all it takes is to replace one line of code (if we don't consider the stop for now):

Please log in to see this code.

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